Bitelicious' Story

Cooking delicious, healthy food has always been an important part of our family.  My grandmother, aunt and mother thrived when creating yummy food for family and friends.  My own love of cooking started as a little girl in our farmhouse kitchen in Australia.

  Years ago I discovered I had an intolerance to gluten after my mum was diagnosed with coeliac disease.  This started our journey to find healthy, tasty foods that made us feel happy and well.  Healthy snacks to give my daughter energy throughout her day is also important.

In 2016, a move from South Africa to Hong Kong saw me finding it a challenge to source healthy, non-processed Gluten Free [GF]  food “on the go”.  I started making GF protein balls for hiking and Bitelicious was born!

I am delighted to share these Bitelicious GF goodies with you!

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